HBM nCode 10.0 Update 2 (26/01/14)

HBM nCode 10.0 Update 2 | 2.5 Gb

HBM, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Spectris plc, a group specialized in precision instrumentation and electronic controls, has released the Update 2 of nCode 10.0, has been the leading brand for engineering data analysis solutions with special concentration in fatigue and durability.

nCode software provides the leading solution for durability engineering and comprises of GlyphWorks for graphical data processing, DesignLife for CAE fatigue analysis applications, and nCode Automation for managing data and automating analysis. nCode CDS - Complete Durability System - is a cost-effective licensing method that offers flexible access to the full range of desktop products through licensing 'CDS units'.

Premium Materials Database - NEW!

The new Premium Materials Database provides a collection of fatigue properties for commonly used steels and aluminum alloys. All the data in the database has been derived from tests performed in the ISO 9001 certified Advanced Materials Characterization & Test Facility (AMCT Facility) operated by HBM-nCode. The first release of the Premium Materials Database in nCode 10 provides 72 materials and is available to customers exclusively through nCode CDS licensing. nCode plans to add 20 to 30 materials to the database annually.

New capabilities at nCode DesignLife 10 include:

- High Performance Computing
Faster, scalable analysis using High Performance Computing. Batch processing can now use IBM® MPI on Linux clusters to provide massive speed improvements.
- Powertrain & Safety Factor
Powertrain applications of safety factor analysis extended to include FKM mean stress corrections and multi-curve materials.

New features and display enhancements are included in the release of nCode GlyphWorks 10 such as:

- GPS Processing
Understand vehicle usage from inexpensive low sample rate GPS data. New GPS Processing glyph calculates channels from basic GPS data including speed, road gradient and yaw rate. Vehicle performance data such as engine power and braking power can also be derived.
- Burst Data
Burst data such as from SoMat SIE data files can now be visualized efficiently with time gaps between bursts.

About HBM-nCode

nCode products are provided by HBM, a world-wide technology and market leader, offering products and services across the entire measurement spectrum, from virtual to physical.

Since 1982, nCode is the leading brand for durability and data analysis solutions. Its technologies help customers understand product performance, accelerate product development, and improve designs. The power and ease of use of HBM technologies is a direct result of its world-class development process, expertise and in-depth experience of a broad range of industries. nCode product development is ISO9001 certified.

Product support and training is available through HBM-nCode offices in Europe, North America, and Asia.


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